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Sea Surface Temperature Data


Data used by this service

The data products available from this service are based on an underlying L4 sea surface temperature dataset compiled as part of the ESA Climate Change Initiative. and the SST CCI project. Links to this dataset are provided on this page.

For more information: Merchant, C.J., Embury, O., Bulgin, C.E., Block, T., Corlett, G.K., Fiedler, E., Good, S.A., Mittaz, J., Rayner, N.A., Berry, D., Eastwood, S., Taylor, M., Tsushima, Y., Waterfall, A., Wilson, R. and Donlon, C. (2019), Satellite-based time-series of sea-surface temperature since 1981 for climate applications. Scientific Data 6, 223, doi:10.1038/s41597-019-0236-x

Copernicus Climate Data Store The link to the dataset held at the Copernicus Climate Data Store is Sea surface temperature daily data from 1981 to present derived from satellite observations

Post-hoc SST bias adjustments

If the user selects the option (enabled by default) to Include post-hoc SST bias adjustments these are applied to the processing of the above dataset.

For more information on the bias adjustments: Merchant, C. J. and Embury, O. (2020) Adjusting for desert-dust-related biases in a climate data record of sea surface temperature. Remote Sensing, 12 (16). 2554. ISSN 2072-4292 doi:10.3390/rs12162554

AWS opendata The dataset, with the post-hoc SST bias adjustments applied, is available on AWS opendata, see also related information and tutorials.