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Sea Surface Temperature Data

Surface Temperature Group

Part of the Department of Meteorology at the University of Reading

Professor Chris Merchant
Professor Chris Merchant leads the group and his research interests include:
  • Climate variability and change in oceans and lakes
  • Climate data records from Earth observation
  • Temperature across all of Earth's surfaces
Dr Claire Bulgin Dr Claire Bulgin is working on thermal remote sensing, including land and sea surface temperature, cloud detection and uncertainty estimation. She has an interest in retrieving and analysing temperature trends across marginal zones (e.g. coasts, sea-ice edges).
Dr Laura Carrea Dr Laura Carrea is developing records of lake surface water temperature for climate and monitoring applications.

For more information on Dr Carrea's research, please visit Lake Surface Water Temperature.

Dr Owen Embury Dr Owen Embury develops advanced sea surface temperature remote sensing techniques, involving image classification, inverse theory and big data.
Dr Ross Maidment Dr Ross Maidment is an Earth Observation scientist and is currently operations lead for the TAMSAT rainfall product and the CGLOPS lake surface temperature product. His primary research interests are satellite rainfall estimation, the application of remote sensing to support the climate, agricultural, financial and disaster risk management sectors, and improving the characterisation and understanding of climate variability and change across Africa. Since 2009, he has been a member of the TAMSAT Group who have pioneered the use of satellite imagery in rainfall estimation over Africa and is co-developer of the TAMSAT rainfall dataset.
Dr Jon Mittaz Dr Jon Mittaz is leading on the metrology of Earth observation which aims to provide improved measurements (both at the Level 1/radiance/brightness temperature level as well as for geophysical estimates such as SST) together with metrologically traceable uncertainties. His work has a particular focus on providing data for climate analyses and includes providing data from the early satellite era back to the 1960s. He is also provides a close link with the UKs National Physical Laboratory and is the NPL Senior Research Fellow at Reading.