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Sea Surface Temperature Data

Region Service

Obtain L4 sea and ocean data at 0.05 degree resolution for a particular bounding box.

You may use this page to order Version 3 sea surface temperature (SST) data from University of Reading / National Centre for Earth Observation in partnership with the UK Met Office and Danish Meteorological Institute.

Reprocessed data to 2021 were generated for the European Space Agency Climate Change Initiative (https://climate.esa.int/en/projects/sea-surface-temperature/), for 2022 the dataset was extended for the Copernicus Climate Change Service, and the extension from January 2023 to recent time is funded by the UK Earth Observation Climate Information Service (https://eocis.org). This re-gridding and time-series extraction service is supported by the National Centre for Earth Observation (https://www.nceo.ac.uk), funded by the Natural Environment Research Council.

The dataset will be prepared in netcdf4 format at the temporal resolution and spatial bounding box specified in the request form below.

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* You will be notified by e-mail when the job is complete. Link(s) will be provided in this e-mail to download the output data file(s). Data files will be available for download for 7 days after the job completes.

You may also check on the status of your jobs and get the download links for any completed jobs, by returning to this page, by entering your email address into the form below and pressing the Show My Current Jobs button.

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For any questions, suggestions or issues with using this service, please contact n.f.mccarroll@reading.ac.uk.